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Qaf_land Challenge #12
penny_sieve wrote in followthebliss
Mini Big Bang Challenge

1 Wallpaper
2 Headers
2 Gifs
10 icons
using the prompts : Floor, Loft, Time and Babylon

1. Wallpaper using prompts: Floor and Loft (click to enlarge)

2. Header using prompts: Floor and Loft:

3. Header 2 using prompts: Floor and Loft:

4. Gif using prompts: Floor, Loft and Time:

5. Gif 2 using prompts Floor and Loft:

6-13. Icons using prompts Floor, Loft, Time:

14-15. Icons using the prompt: Babylon:


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Your work is amazing! Love all of them.

aww thank you, it's been a while since I've done anything graphics related LOL

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