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This is a graphics community where you'll find mostly icons and an occassional banner or header.

Follow The Bliss

Hi, welcome to followthebliss, the icon LJ of penny_sieve. In this Journal, you'll mostly find icons from movie, tv and bookworld, stock and seasonal icons and anything else that may catch my fancy. The fandoms I follow are: Being Human, Buffy and Angel, Castle, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Firefly, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Glee, Harry Potter, Heroes, House MD, Lost, The Office, Torchwood and True Blood. This list will probably expand.

Guidelines for use of icons and graphics:
1.Please credit followthebliss and/or penny_sieve for the icons.
2.Do not HOTLINK! Save to your own hard drive or image hosting site.
3.Do not alter any icons without my permission, especially the textless ones.
4.Please feel free to make requests and/or suggestions.

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